Personalized CRM

Don’t force your customers onto a crowded bus 
build them a private Jet with Alert Cloud

Our Product

Work Product

We call it work product. Since cloud computing started we have built, integrated or developed software for virtually every customer need. Your customers are your most important asset. We make sure working with you, works for them. 

Security and Infrastructure

Primarily focused on Healthcare, and the unique  stringencies required, our systems insure the highest standards. In fact we wrote a patent for managing Healthcare communications for Hipaa laws. Everyone can claim top security standards, we use them with 100’s of the top US Healthcare providers.

Robots Algorithms and AI

As Purists we cannot claim that our proprietary algorithms are considered AI. Yes very much intelligent, but not artificial. We find our selves frequently telling companies how to better run their business. We have not taught our robots how to impart this advise on their own, At least not Yet. 

You may already use us?

Chances are if you are active in the Health Care business in the US, you are serviced by Alert Cloud. Ask us.


The Alert Cloud core technology, aka CFPs or Customer facing portal, is our version of the next gen of CRM. 

How does our technology work

Our custom private cloud technology systems, used by enterprise corporations, all come with our unique secure API to our CFP engine that houses our core Alert Cloud technology. This  allows users to manage their business as they see fit, while at the same time allowing their customers to be serviced in a way that enhances their unique business practices. 

Alert Cloud allows us to focus on Diagnostics. In our industry we deal with every type of company, from Global chemical companies to local school districts. The Alert Cloud team takes care of setting up each customer, in a way that works for them. The high risk chemical plant worker and their employee insurance office has very different needs than our school teachers managing Covid testing for their students. With our Alert Cloud CFP’s in place we can focus on the work in our lab, where we should be focused.

Why Choose Us?

Take your communications to a whole new level. Our proprietary system provides seamless integration, dynamic cross channel delivery, and real time results.

Traditional CRM for Enterprise Corporations is like putting their customers on the bus. With Alert Cloud they get a private jet, and we become their private pilot. 

How to Engage

Send us a message from your corporate email. We will first check if we already have a relationship with your company, and if so we can quickly provision you with the stickiness you want to make your customers happy and loyal.

Communicate on a higher level, make rain, and focus on your core product.

Seamless Integration

Your private provisioned cloud with custom admin panels for each of your unique customers.

Every company has their unique business processes’. Our systems are designed to work seamlessly with each customer based on their unique needs. Typically we brand or co-brand a website for our Clients. They will have an admin panel with an intuitive UI, and the ability to create another unique UI for their customers. The UX on both sides is our passion. It works. By customizing and branding a set of web based tools, data, and instructions you manage your customers in a way that works for your company, while their login allows them to match their unique needs in a way that works for them. Seamless on both sides. The Alert Cloud CFP © makes onboarding and suppling new customers as easy as running your own business.